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Dublin’s Best Equipped Specialist Animal Hospital

Based in Baldoyle, Dublin 13, NOAH offers a specialist veterinary service for injured and ill pets from all over Ireland. Owned and run by Dr William McCartney MVB, Dipl ECVS, DSAS (Orth), PhD, CEng, MIMeche, MRCVS, NOAH offers innovative and advanced veterinary treatments for all small animals.

Our mission here at NOAH is to return your pet to as near as their previous state of health before they were injured or became ill. To do this, we are committed to doing everything we can, using our wide range of high-tech facilities to perform pet CT scans and MRI scans in a fast, accurate and reliable manner . Our highly experienced staff ensure a professional and compassionate approach that helps your pet get better.

About Dr William McCartney
MVB, Dipl ECVS, DSAS (Orth), PhD, CEng, MIMeche, MRCVS.

Dr McCartney is a EGVS, VCI & RCVS recognised specialist in small animal orthopaedics and a European Recognised Specialist in small animal surgery.

Dr William McCartney is the principal surgeon at NOAH and has 30 years’ experience in referral orthopaedics and neurology, with over 75 peer reviewed publications in these areas of expertise.

He has been performing total hip replacements since 1990 and was the first veterinary surgeon to do total elbow replacements and total knee replacement in Ireland.

As a pioneer in these treatments, spinal surgery, fracture surgery, and joint surgery have now been routinely performed in Ireland and Northern Ireland since 1992.

How We Work

Due to the nature of our work, most pets come to NOAH as referrals from their own veterinary surgeon. With this in mind, we keep your local veterinary surgeon informed of all treatments and prospective care for clear communication between all parties.

All pets are treated to the best of our ability, with priorities of operations and emergency cases always treated first. Due to this, for urgent cases such as fractures or spinal cases, there will be no waiting time for appointments. Cases will be admitted and operated on as soon as possible working from a priority care list for each day. This streamlining of cases ensures that your pet is treated in the fastest way possible.

When it comes to the health of your animal, our team treats your pet as if it was our own, working around the clock to help restore them back to the best health possible.

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