NOAH is the best equipped pet hospital in Ireland with the experienced trained staff to back it. Ask for the best for your pet ask for NOAH.

At NOAH we have the full range of surgical equipment, isoflurane aneathesia, digital X-Rays, access to MRI/CT, in house laboratory, and key hole surgery such as arthroscopy.

CT Scan

CT Scan for small animals available for rapid diagnosis in NOAH.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for small animals - Ireland's first for small animals.


Underwater treadmill for pets to aid in rehabilitation and treatment.


Endoscopy is used for visual examination of the colon, bladder, stomach or other cavities.

 We also perform our own chemotherapy. Other aids to diagnosis include ultrasound, tonometry, and contrast radiography.

At NOAH there is a full range of specialist equipment to undertake all types of:

Facilities also include digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasonagraphy, ECG, blood profiles (in house), isoflurane anaesthesia and an MRI scanner on site.