Noah for Vet professionals

NOAH offers a multi-disciplinary referral service for vets across Ireland today

NOAH (North Dublin Orthopaedic Animal Hospital) provides specialist care for dogs and cats in the Republic of Ireland. We offer a multi-disciplinary referral service for vets. Our service is led by Dr William McCartney MVB, Dipl ECVS, DSAS (Orth), PhD, C Eng, MIMeche, FRCVS.

Dr McCartney is a recognised specialist in small animal orthopaedics and a European recognised specialist in small animal surgery. He is a pioneering veterinary surgeon who has been performing total hip replacements and advanced spinal surgeries since 1990, and was the first to do total elbow replacements and total knee replacements in Ireland.

Dr McCartney is the principal surgeon at NOAH and has over 30 years’ experience in referral orthopaedics and neurology, with over 75 peer reviewed publications in these areas of expertise.

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If your veterinary practise is based in Ireland and you have a case that is not responding to treatment, you may consider referring cases to us for the following:

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