MRI & CT Scans

NOAH offers innovative and accurate Pet CT scans & MRI scans to help with diagnostics and treatment plans

MRI and CT scans offer a more in-depth look into the inside of soft tissues in the body, picking up on issues that a traditional X-Ray cannot. Here at NOAH, we are one of Ireland’s leading pet MRI scan services and pet CT scan services for a range of pets and small animals.


From diagnostic services to imaging that helps us develop a treatment plan and see recovery progress, our team of specialist vets offer high-quality, reliable, and innovative MRI and CT scanning that you can trust.


We accept existing patients, new patients, and veterinary referrals from other clinics, keeping you and your vet informed of all treatment diagnostics and progress for your peace of mind and your pet’s best chances of full recovery where possible.

NOAH Pet MRI & Pet CT Scanning Services

Our animal MRI & CT scanning services are available for a variety of inpatient and outpatient services and can be used for diagnostics, second opinion services.

Examples of the issues we can use CT scanning and MRI scanning for include: