NOAH is a Specialist Vet offering Pet Brain Surgery for mild, moderate, and severe brain trauma cases

Brain surgery in dogs and cats was limited to mild trauma cases in the past. Now with access to MRI and Pet CT scans, and there is much more we can offer.

NOAH is one of Ireland’s best-equipped veterinary specialist hospitals and offers professional pet brain surgery services with the help of our highly technological facilities. Using pet CT and MRI scans, we can accurately diagnose and locate the issue and work to help minimise or reverse damage. From head trauma to brain tumours, our team of highly specialised veterinary surgeons and nurses can alleviate suffering.

Head Injuries Treated

Brain Tumours & Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Brain tumours can be removed in some cases leading to symptomatic relief. The increased availability of MRIs has made the ability to diagnose, locate and subsequently treat brain tumours diseases more common.

NOAH offers pet CT scans and MRI scans to accurately locate and diagnose brain tumours, working out an efficient treatment plan to suit your pet and his/her requirements. The principal determinants of successful resection of brain tumours are location and biological classification i.e. benign or malignant. Slow growing meningioma are the best candidates for surgery and the prognosis can be satisfactory. Meningioma and gliomas can also be removed to relieve symptoms.

Neoplasia (cancer) is three times more common in dogs and cats than humans, but can be treated with a variety of methods when caught in time. Here at NOAH, we offer pet cancer treatments using cutting-edge technology and a team of highly trained and qualified veterinary professionals. Alongside this, adjunctive chemotherapy can extend survival times even further and is a service we provide. Along with our diagnostic procedures, we can help make the journey of pet cancer treatment a less stressful and more clear one for both you and your beloved pet.

Syringomyelia or Chiari Malformation Treatment

Syringomyelia, or Chiari like malformation, is a very common problem in Cavalier King Charles spaniels due to breeding programs for a certain head shape. Screening programs have been started in the USA to try and control this common problem medical treatment is always attempted first. Some symptoms can be reduced by using occipital decompression surgery, although the outcomes are somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes the only achievement is symptom reduction.

NOAH works with pet owners and their animals to work out a treatment plan for this condition that suits both you and your pet.

Syringomyelia can only be diagnosed by using MRI, which we offer. NOAH offers a range of surgical and medical treatments designed to help reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life of your pet to the best of our ability.

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