For the first time in Ireland stem cells can be harvested and isolated from dogs and cats for treatment. NOAH now has the equipment to harvest and isolate stem cells.

Pioneering specialist veterinary surgeon Dr Billy McCartney at NOAH has brought this technology into the country. This is an exciting development for all the pets in Ireland. The staff are now trained to complete the process of harvesting stem cells on site at Baldoyle within one full day. This is the first time this can be achieved in this country. 

The stem cells can also be stored for later use. Stem cells have the potential to transform into another cell type to replace damaged or lost tissue and to promote healing whilst reducing inflammation. The possible uses of stem cells is expanding all the time in veterinary medicine. 

One particular use has been in treating arthritis in dogs where one treatment can last up to 12 months or longer. Many of the dogs treated using stem cells for arthritis have had their lives transformed into active pain free pets. In some cases medication can be stopped, which is especially useful if the medications have dangerous side effects. Chronic injuries or diseases that are not healing will benefit from the use of stem cells. The stem cells are injected into the diseased area to kick start healing. The use of stem cells was started in race horses to treat tendon injuries in the UK and has expanded into the pet sphere principally in USA.

The options for treatment and use of the stem cells in USA has taken hold as a frequent treatment. The cost of harvesting, isolating and then injecting the stem cells is very expensive as a one day procedure but the benefits save money in the longer term.

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